The White-Wash of Europe ~ Video of Post at the End

I am going to address the issue of the use of the word European to describe white people because there is a lot of evidence out there that this is not a given historically.

KIng James

or is King James white?

the fake King James

The pictures of King James (King James Version of the Bible King James) are shown as an example of a white-wash.

I really started looking into all of this after I put together information in my grid spreadsheets after connecting the dots of cities (see Grids).  Spreadsheet 15, for example shows that a line of dots that goes through Scotland and England.  And keep in mind that the ancient civilization was aligned globally, with itself and the stars.   The grid  spreadsheets reveal that it was unified, and there was no place on the planet that this civilization was not.  It was North, South, East & West.

Several years ago, before I started connecting dots, I read a book by Gary Biltcliffe called the “Spine of Albion.”  I was first introduced to his work in this Megalithomania presentation:

The Belinus Line: The Spine of Albion

He and his partner Carolyn uncovered a North-South line that connected seats of power, that contained 33 nodal points, and they dowsed the male and female dragons of energy that criss-crossed these nodal points, which they named Belinus and Elen.  They found out a lot of interesting things as they followed the energy lines.

He is an Intuitive, and dowser, and his journey brought him to uncovering  a Cygnus alignment in the British Isles that runs  from the Isle of Wight (which is shaped like a coccyx) at the bottom of England to Faraid Head at the tip of Scotland.

I purchased the book several years after seeing the video, and it contains tremendous information.  Highly recommend it if you are interested in learning more.  One of the things that he mentioned is that they found out (through their dowsing) the Battle of Culloden in 1745 (in which the Jacobite forces of Charles Stuart were defeated by English Loyalists, and after which, following up on the military success won by their forces, the British Government enacted laws further to integrate Scotland – specifically the Scottish Highlands – with the rest of Britain) took place on one of the 33 nodal points.

This is a picture of Rannoch Moor in Scotland.  Note the block-shaped rocks in the foreground, and the pyramidal shape in the background.

Autumn dusk at Rannoch Moor

The Moors, as they are called Great Britain are defined as:  “An expanse of open, rolling infertile land.”

Here is a picture of Scales Moor in Yorkshire:

Scales Moor

So what if they are telling you about the actual human Moors…without actually telling you.  The geographical Moors I have seen pictures of are covered with massive stones and stone-work.

Same thing with the Ouachita Mountains in Eastern Oklahoma and Western Arkansas.  The places are named after the people who lived there.

This picture of King George III of England is out there – you know, the American Revolution King George:

King George III

And his wife, Queen Charlotte (who is acknowledged to be a Moor):

Queen Charlotte

There is also this picture of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V out there in cyberspace:

Holy Roman Emperor Charles V

Okay, so hold on a minute.  Say what????

In case you think I am really off-base with this, these links show evidence for a different European history from what we have been taught:

Black Royal Families of Medieval Europe

The Holy (Black) Roman Empire

Here is a comparison photo of Ksiaz Castle in Poland (completed in 1292) shown in the second video, with Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City, said to be built for the Canadian Pacific Railway and opened in 1893:

Not an exact match, but I see enough similarity to scratch my head and make me wonder, especially since I have been studying this subject for awhile.  Once I really understood who built all the castles, and other buildings,  I see the same architectural features in very different places and building types, from castles to private homes.

And if you don’t think there are castles in the United States, think again!!!  Will do a separate blog on this, but here is a nice example:

Belvedere Castle
Belvedere Castle in Central Park

In the foreground you have ancient stone work; in the middle Belvedere Castle; and in the background you have a building that looks like a Moorish architectural style.  But you may say someone built the castle in 1869!  I think the castle was there long before 1869, and they just make up stories and put plaques on these castles, and all manner of structures built by the master builders of this land that no one knows were here because they were removed from the historical narrative.  I think our history books are completely worthless and in the false narrative, timelines have been shifted from what they actually should be, which would account for Moorish buildings  in more modern times.

Back to European Royalty.  I learned a lot from Peter Moon, who I learned about from UFO teacher Rick Smith.  Both men bring in a lot of information about the Moors, and I will be referring to them occasionally.  Probably will give them a blog post.  Peter’s work let me to understand the very many rabbit holes associated with the Moors, and I found my own rabbit holes along the way in my own journey to find the Moors.

I bring this up because I learned from him that King Roger II of Sicily was a Moor.   His royal mantle was used in the coronation ceremonies of the Holy Roman Emperors.  It is in the Imperial Treasury in Vienna, Austria.

Here is a video about the Royal Mantle of King Roger II, and of course the commentators refer to King Roger as a Christian king as they describe the power of the Islamic imagery and symbolism of the mantle.

Coronation Mantle

Now let’s take a comparative look at architecture in Palermo, Sicily and architecture in Morocco:



Not exactly the same, but can we agree on similar?

I would also like to point out that there is an alignment that passes through Sicily – through Messina, Mt. Etna, and Catania.  The alignment starts in San Francisco, and passes through the Gilbert Islands, the Caroline Islands, the Phillipines, the Gulf of Tonkin, Myanmar, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, the Aegean Sea, Sicily, Malta, Tunisia, Algeria, Mauretania, the Cape Verde Islands, and more countries.  See spreadsheet 9 in the grid link above for the full details.

I was in the U. S. Army stationed in Augsburg, Germany, from 1983 – 1985.  I was pleased to have an European duty station as I loved European history, and when I was there sought to learn as much as I could about where I was.  I had purchased a big picture book about Augsburg with the most famous historical places of interest.  So I knew then that the Augsburg Cathedral had the oldest stained glass windows in the world, and that they had been taken into safe-keeping during World War II.

It wasn’t until couple of months ago when I was watching a video that it was brought to my attention that the figures depicted on the stained glass windows of a Christian Cathedral were black….

Augsburg Stained Glass

There are Black Madonnas in Monasteries throughout Europe – Here are a couple of examples:

Montserrat, Spain

The monastery sits on Montserrat, near Barcelona, and the stones surrounding it are typical of an Ancient infrastructure site.  this location also sits on a long-distance alignment, but I know from Gary Biltcliffe’s work that the same Belinus line that goes through Spain and France before it enters England.

Benedictine Abbey & Church, Einsiedeln, Switzerland

The architecture of this monastery in Switzerland has characteristic Moorish signatures of onion domes, massive size and building facade ornamentation.

This is St. Maurice (Moritz), Patron Saint of Germany

St. Moritz

The story goes he was an Egyptian and Commander of the Theban Legion in the Roman Army that came to clear the St. Bernard Pass in Switzerland around 287 A.D. where he took a stand against  the Emperor Maximian and refused an order to attack fellow Christians, and he and his legion were ultimately killed.  He became patron saint of the Holy Roman Emperors in 926.  Just leaving this here for consideration in light of everything else I am saying in this post.











A Word About Golf Courses – Including the Post in Video Form

I believe that golf courses are specifically related to the cover-up of mound sites.

Why would I believe that?

When I received this map, I started looking up information on the different places shown on the map.  I noticed Jekyll Island had a yellow triangle next to it, indicating the presence of an earthen pyramid/mound complex.



When I looked up Jekyll Island Mounds, this is what came up:



Jekyll Island has an interesting history of interest in it by the very wealthy.  Even now it is owned by the State of Georgia and run by a self-sustaining, self-governing body.  It became a retreat for the very wealthy in the late 1800s, and early 1900s, and was the place where the Federal Reserve System was created in 1910.



I believe mound sites like this have a very special significance in the ancient advanced civilization.  Considering that golf is a sport associated with the wealthy and powerful, it would stand to reason that they would re-work these sites for their own purposes, like carving out sand-traps from the mounds of the Ancient Ones.  I believe they do this to continue to show dominance over the ancient civilization.  I don’t know if all know the truth, but some certainly do.  Especially in the upper degrees of Freemasonry, and other elite groups.  And members of these groups are in government, and throughout society.  They know the truth.  And they do everything they can to demean the people they secretly worship.  It sounds crazy, but I believe this is true.  They have stolen the legacy of human beings of higher consciousness, and pretend to be them while marginalizing and brutalizing them in the worst way.



If you are new to this information, and have a hard time with this belief, here’s another powerful example – the Newark Earthworks in Ohio.  Newark is a very special place on the planet.  As you can see in the one slide, it is located on a Golden Ratio Longitude on the planet, along with other sites, like Poverty Point in Louisiana, and Chavin and Pachacamac in Peru, and Tiwanaku in Bolivia.

Newark 1

You have the same precise geometry and archeoastronomy in earthworks like these in North America that you have in other countries.  As a matter of fact, Carl Munck says in his video on “The Code” that there is a correlation between Stonehenge and Newark.

Newark 4

So, building a golf course on to the Newark Earthworks is like building a golf course on Stonehenge.  But they did it.  These earthworks come into play on eleven of the holes.

Newark Earthworks: Sign showing location of observation deck
Newark Earthworks: Sign showing location of observation deck

Newark 3

Since the historical narrative that we are taught leaves out the true history, known only to a few, no one knows about the abuses that have occurred and still occur.  And I will definitely be blogging more about that.

Connecting the Dots, Cracking the Code, and What This Reveals – with Video Form at the End


The information that I am going to present to you here came to me in an intuitive, co-creative participatory process.  I did feel like I was receiving spiritual guidance in the process, but I had to work for the information I received.  It didn’t just come to me in one big download.  It seems like to me I had a lifelong experience of collecting puzzle pieces.  And when I started to put the puzzle together,  I made it happen by visiting many ancient sites,  and starting to see what was actually in the environment around me.  When I did so, I received even more intuitive guidance.  It is not information that I received because I was born into knowing it.  Nor did I  have any preconceived notions, ideas, or theories about what I was going to find.

The preparation that I had that helped me find all of this was a passionate interest in megaliths, in long-distance alignments discovered by other researchers, and earth mysteries, and knowledge about sacred geometry.  I drew my conclusions from what I found after I connected the dots of cities in North America, uncovered the shape of a star tetrahedron, and then extended all of the lines coming off of it around the world.  I had to switch to a globe from the map because I was having trouble with determining the earth curvature on the flat map.  It is interesting to note that the star tetrahedron appears to be based on 33, 44, and 55 degrees on the map.  It fell between 30 – 60-degrees. 

Once I switched to the globe, I got a magnifying glass and wrote down the cities that were connecting in circular or linear fashion, and wrote them down in spreadsheets.  Then I looked at countless images, and watched hours and hours of drone videos, and I saw the same signature and hand of design, from ancient to modern, all over the planet.  Please click on Grids to see what I found.

This is one reason why I say there was no place on the planet that this ancient civilization was not, and another is because once I cracked the code of how they managed to cover it up by calling everything natural, and leaving it out of our historical narrative, I literally see it everywhere.

For example, Mt Magazine is called the highest peak in the Ouachita (pronounced Washitaw) Mountains of Arkansas.  I first went to Mt. Magazine in September of 2015 on the week-end of the 4th blood moon of the year at the end of the month.  I received a lot of intuitive information on this trip.

I had stopped at Heavener Runestone State Park on the way to Mt. Magazine.  This location, which is very close to the Arkansas State line, is on the edge of the Ouachita Mountains in Oklahoma.  I had been there once before with friends, and stopped by on my way to Mt. Magazine to connect with the energy I had felt there previously.  The first time I did not take note of my surroundings at the Runestone.  The second time I went there, I noticed that the Runestone was surrounded by an actual wall (which is referred to as a canyon there).  The third time I went to Heavener, I took these pictures further up from the Runestone  in a different location on the state park grounds.


I am spending time on this sequence of events because this actually marked the beginning of when I started putting all of the pieces of the puzzle together.

I had decided to go to Mount Magazine on the week-end of the 4th blood moon in order to do personal ceremony for myself.  Mt. Magazine, according to James Tyberonn, is the location of one of the Atlantean Master Crystals – the Emerald Crystal of Healing.  There are two others in Arkansas, one at Queen Wilhelmina State Park, near Mena, Arkansas, and the other at Magnetic Springs, near Eureka Springs, and actually extraordinarily close to the famous Passion Play location.  I have visited all three sites.

I checked into the Mt. Magazine Lodge.  The original lodge was completed in 1940 during the Roosevelt Administration by the Works Progress Administration (WPA).  I looked around the lobby, and saw a sign for a tour of “Cameron’s Bluff.”  But I had missed it.  After getting my luggage to my room, I left the lodge to take my own tour, and find a location for my ceremony.  As soon as I took to the turn-off for the road that skirts the bluff, I started seeing a wall again. It is such an ancient wall that there is some element of doubt.  But there are some places you can really tell it is a built structure.  These pictures were taken of Cameron’s Bluff.  Thus began my cracking of the cover-up code –  bluffs (and canyons) are actually ancient infrastructure.


It is important to note that the WPA, which built the roads and facilities at the state park,  also claimed credit for building an amphitheater in the park.


I am asserting from this example, and many others, the Roosevelt’s New Deal work programs like the WPA, Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), and Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) served multiple purposes:  1) To create Depression-era jobs; 2) To build infrastructure; and 3) to cover-up ancient sites/infrastructure.  The CCC and WPA in particular were responsible for creating access and infrastructure for the park and recreation system around the country.  So when people go to these places, they think that everything they see was created by the CCC & WPA workers.  It was NOT.  If anything, they used and moved pre-existing materials in the construction, and took credit for building everything.

For example, Roman Nose State Park in Watonga, Oklahoma, was one of many CCC-projects in Oklahoma.  I visited there with friends in 2016, and by this time was well on my way to knowing what I was seeing.  Roman Nose is a beautiful park.  It was named for a Cheyenne Warrior known as Roman Nose.  For part of the year they have a teepee set up on the grounds, and we are told that this location was the winter camping grounds for his Cheyenne tribe.

But then when you go to the part of the park that has springs, this is what you find.

The first picture is where you enter the area.  There is a restroom, and picnic facilities in several locations:


Then, as you walk on the path that takes by the water, you find that the embankment looks like this:


And the further down the path you go, the more intact you find the stonework:


Until you finally come to this exquisitely peaceful spring:


The stonework pictured is clearly of the same design, and built out in a purposeful way.  The CCC operated from 1933 to 1942 in the U.S. for unemployed, unmarried men to help them weather the Great Depression.  Originally for young men ages 18–25, it was eventually expanded to ages 17–28.  Does it make sense that they could have done the original stone work?  It doesn’t.  There are other examples, but this example directly relates to my journey of understanding what has actually taken place.

I have a great deal of more information to share with you about many things, but this lays groundwork for many more examples of how an ubiquitous advanced ancient civilization has been covered up right in front of our eyes.

Click to see the video form of this blog post here:

Family Background & the Beginning of Awareness

This is my piece of the puzzle.  This information was received by me in an intuitive, co-creative process with the Universe because I really wanted to know the truth of who built the megaliths, and it led to all the information I shared in my video and much more.  It is clear to me that this information was given to me to bring it to light.  Please watch the foundational video on this blog of “Physical Evidence for the Layout of a Planetary Grid System…and a Suppressed Global Civilization.


There is no place on the planet that this civilization is not.  Like I said in the video, the evidence is all around us, and below us, and hidden in plain sight.  Literally just outside our front doors, in our back yards, in our neighborhoods, in our parks, and road system.

The purpose of this blog is to show you exactly why I believe this, and provide much, much more evidence to support my belief, and information on other related topics.  Not knowing this information allows all the many crimes against Humanity, the Planet, and the Creator/Creation to continue unabated because no one knows about it.  It has been well-hidden for a reason by those who wish to harm us all for power, control, and energy.  Everything is changing, and this information needs to come back out into collective awareness as soon as possible.

I also believe, that up until 500 or so years ago, Humanity was on a positive evolutionary path and in Unity Consciousness, and that around 1492 was the beginning of the hijack of this timeline by dark forces, and the replacement of it with one called Rome.  Can’t tell you how this was done, just that it looks like that is what happened because the Ancient Global Civilization built everything on the planet.  The same styles/designs cross oceans and continents, from ancient to modern!!!

I am going to start at the beginning of my life, because this is a lifelong pathway that ultimately connected me to the Truth.  I wasn’t consciously aware of my spiritual path, and its direct connections to this information, for most of my life.  But I was connected to it from the very beginning of my life.  I am almost 55-years-old.  It has taken me most of that time to put all these puzzle pieces   together.  Starting this process by telling you about specific moments of awareness in my life journey is ultimately the best way to organize an overwhelming amount of information.

I am from a White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant (AKA WASP), solidly middle-class family, primarily with roots in the Deep South.

All my known ancestry goes back to the very beginning of what has come to be known as the United States, starting with the Mayflower’s arrival to the so-called Plymouth Bay Colony (I am a direct descendant of William Brewster, a moving force behind the Pilgrims, and the lay religious leader of the Plymouth Colony until the arrival of its ordained minister several years later) to the 1750’s with the influx of the Scots-Irish, my lineage through my maternal grandmother.  This is in accordance with the history we have been taught.

It is important to note, that on my Dad’s side of the family, the family history was repeated to my generation as that of the Huguenots.  That was all they knew.  No elaboration.  Just that they were French Huguenots.

Up until recently, the Huguenots were recorded in available historical references as Reformed Calvinists.  So the available information not long ago was that for some reason a Protestant Christian sect in France, the Huguenots, were persecuted, and even massacred, for almost 100 years.   Come to find out in the Internet Age, the Huguenots were Cathars and Moors.

I grew up in Montgomery County Maryland, outside of Washington, D.C.  My first home as a small child was in Rockville.   When I was two, my parents moved to Gaithersburg, which is where my earliest conscious memories are.  Not any big hits there until much, much later.

The family church I grew up in was Twinbrook Baptist in Rockville. When I started researching a couple of years ago, I found out that the Twinbrook area is adjacent to Rock Creek.

The softball team, of which my dad, an elementary school teacher and administrator, was a member, practiced at the Meadow Hall Elementary School field, which was right beside the church, just slightly downhill, and was the next street address over on Twinbrook Parkway.

When dad was practicing, and I was young, I, instead of watching the games,  I was always down off into the woods, right off the ball field, exploring.  It was a really cool place, in more ways than one.  What I remember is going down, down into the woods, and eventually finding really big stones to play in.  They were really fun for a 6-, 7-, 8-, or whatever-year-old, to play in and around.

This location was close to Lake Needwood and Lake Frank, and both are man-made lakes.  I will dedicate a future blog exclusively on the role man-made lakes play related to this subject and the cover-up of it.

In 1974, right after the birth of my youngest brother, we moved to a larger home in Rockville.  I always tell people we moved as close to Potomac, Maryland, as my parents could afford.  I lived here until 1982, when, after 1 year of junior college, I joined the Army for the Veterans’ Educational Assistance Program.  So this is where I grew up.

The house was brand new when we moved in – no trees, and the funny, almost comet-green color of sprayed grass seed.

The reason I bring this up is because the street we lived on – Lindley Terrace – on one end, some of the houses had a steep gradient on the backside – I mean really steep!!!  However, the houses were built on a predominantly flat surface.  The house my parents bought was on one of the flattest lots on the street.  This relates to what I now believe was actually underneath us.  Like, a flat-topped pyramid, perhaps?  I mean, when I was a kid, for some reason, I really made a mental note of the unusual features of my neighborhood street.

We were literally right next to the boundary fence of the Lakewood Country Club, with a golf tee area right next to the fence.  I will be dedicating a specific blog on how golf courses relate to the subject of the cover-up of mounds.

As a family we would go occasionally to Thurmont, Maryland, in Western Maryland, to Cunningham Falls State Park.  There was a picnic/swimming area at a lake, and then there were the falls themselves.  So I have memories of climbing up the big rocks of the falls.   I, like everyone else, had no concept in my awareness, that waterfalls could be anything other than natural.  But massive and block-shaped stonework is a recurring feature of waterfalls like what is pictured here.  Take a close look at the shape of the rocks in this photo.

Cunningham Falls

Before moving on from Cunningham Falls, it is important to note that Camp David is located in the vicinity.  As I learned more about earth grids, I found out that Camp David is situated on a nodal point.  It is the norm for centers of power to be on the earth’s power points.  There is a reason for this.

My house was relatively close to Great Falls, Maryland.  Access to the falls themselves, at least when I was young, was cut off after Hurricane Agnes went through in 1972.  There was access to an area with big stones that was fun to hike and climb, as well as the C & O Canal.   So, it was a place I went to many times with family or friends.

When I started to piece together that waterfalls, and canals as well, were part of the Ancient Civilization, I looked up Great Falls.  This is an aerial image of Mather Gorge there.  Now, I think the spin is how this could be natural, but look at how straight it is.

Mather Gorge 1

And here is how it looks closer to earth….

Mather Gorge 2

And then when you realize that part of the ancient civilization involved canal-building (another blog unto itself), then it becomes logical to see this as a canal rather than natural.

This is a picture of the C & O Canal at Harper’s Ferry.  They want us to believe that this was built in the early 1800’s.  So, what is wrong with that date of construction?  This is a sophisticated engineering project.

Harper's Ferry Canal

As a matter of fact, the C & O Canal parallels the Potomac River through this area for a long distance.  What technology existed in America in the late 1700s/early 1800s could have built a sophisticated project like this?  I am not aware of any technology that existed at that time that could have built something like this.  According to our history books, the second Industrial Revolution didn’t begin in the U.S. until the mid-1800s.

Harper's Ferry 2

My conclusion is that the C & O Canal, as well as the Erie Canal, and the St. Lawrence Seaway, and a canal system that covered the continent, was built by the advanced ancient civilization that was long-established here when the Europeans first arrived.  Again, when I say ancient, I mean a very old civilization that was living and flourishing in North America (and South America) when the Europeans first arrived.  And I have much more to say about the use of the word European to describe white people in a later blog based on my findings.  This ancient civilization was global!


The Journey Begins & Fair Use Notice

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