The White-Wash of Europe ~ Video of Post at the End

I am going to address the issue of the use of the word European to describe white people because there is a lot of evidence out there that this is not a given historically.

KIng James

or is King James white?

the fake King James

The pictures of King James (King James Version of the Bible King James) are shown as an example of a white-wash.

Several years ago, before I started connecting dots, I read a book by Gary Biltcliffe called the “Spine of Albion.”  I was first introduced to his work in this Megalithomania presentation:

The Belinus Line: The Spine of Albion

He and his partner Carolyn uncovered a North-South line that connected seats of power, that contained 33 nodal points, and they dowsed the male and female dragons of energy that criss-crossed these nodal points, which they named Belinus and Elen.  They found out a lot of interesting things as they followed the energy lines.

He is an Intuitive, and dowser, and his journey brought him to uncovering  a Cygnus alignment in the British Isles that runs  from the Isle of Wight (which is shaped like a coccyx) at the bottom of England to Faraid Head at the tip of Scotland.

I purchased the book several years after seeing the video, and it contains tremendous information.  Highly recommend it if you are interested in learning more.  One of the things that he mentioned is that they found out (through their dowsing) the Battle of Culloden in 1745 (in which the Jacobite forces of Charles Stuart were defeated by English Loyalists, and after which, following up on the military success won by their forces, the British Government enacted laws further to integrate Scotland – specifically the Scottish Highlands – with the rest of Britain) took place on one of the 33 nodal points.

This is a picture of Rannoch Moor in Scotland.  Note the block-shaped rocks in the foreground, and the pyramidal shape in the background.

Autumn dusk at Rannoch Moor

The Moors, as they are called Great Britain are defined as:  “An expanse of open, rolling infertile land.”

Here is a picture of Scales Moor in Yorkshire:

Scales Moor

So what if they are telling you about the actual human Moors…without actually telling you.  The geographical Moors I have seen pictures of are covered with massive stones and stone-work.

Same thing with the Ouachita Mountains in Eastern Oklahoma and Western Arkansas.  The places are named after the people who lived there.

This picture of King George III of England is out there – you know, the American Revolution King George:

King George III

And his wife, Queen Charlotte (who is acknowledged to be a Moor):

Queen Charlotte

There is also this picture of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V out there in cyberspace:

Holy Roman Emperor Charles V

Okay, so hold on a minute.  Say what????

In case you think I am really off-base with this, these links show evidence for a different European history from what we have been taught:

Black Royal Families of Medieval Europe

The Holy (Black) Roman Empire

Here is a comparison photo of Ksiaz Castle in Poland (completed in 1292) shown in the second video, with Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City, said to be built for the Canadian Pacific Railway and opened in 1893:

Not an exact match, but I see enough similarity to scratch my head and make me wonder, especially since I have been studying this subject for awhile.  Once I really understood who built all the castles, and other buildings,  I see the same architectural features in very different places and building types, from castles to private homes.

And if you don’t think there are castles in the United States, think again!!!  Will do a separate blog on this, but here is a nice example:

Belvedere Castle
Belvedere Castle in Central Park

In the foreground you have ancient stone work; in the middle Belvedere Castle; and in the background you have a building that looks like a Moorish architectural style.  But you may say someone built the castle in 1869!  I think the castle was there long before 1869, and they just make up stories and put plaques on these castles, and all manner of structures built by the master builders of this land that no one knows were here because they were removed from the historical narrative.  I think our history books are completely worthless and in the false narrative, timelines have been shifted from what they actually should be, which would account for Moorish buildings  in more modern times.

Back to European Royalty.  I learned a lot from Peter Moon, who I learned about from UFO teacher Rick Smith.  Both men bring in a lot of information about the Moors, and I will be referring to them occasionally.  Probably will give them a blog post.  Peter’s work let me to understand the very many rabbit holes associated with the Moors, and I found my own rabbit holes along the way in my own journey to find the Moors.

I bring this up because I learned from him that King Roger II of Sicily was a Moor.   His royal mantle was used in the coronation ceremonies of the Holy Roman Emperors.  It is in the Imperial Treasury in Vienna, Austria.

Here is a video about the Royal Mantle of King Roger II, and of course the commentators refer to King Roger as a Christian king as they describe the power of the Islamic imagery and symbolism of the mantle.

Coronation Mantle

Now let’s take a comparative look at architecture in Palermo, Sicily and architecture in Morocco:

Not exactly the same, but can we agree on similar?

I would also like to point out that there is an alignment that passes through Sicily – through Messina, Mt. Etna, and Catania.  The alignment starts in San Francisco, and passes through the Gilbert Islands, the Caroline Islands, the Phillipines, the Gulf of Tonkin, Myanmar, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, the Aegean Sea, Sicily, Malta, Tunisia, Algeria, Mauretania, the Cape Verde Islands, and more countries.  See spreadsheet 9 in the grid link above for the full details.

I was in the U. S. Army stationed in Augsburg, Germany, from 1983 – 1985.  I was pleased to have an European duty station as I loved European history, and when I was there sought to learn as much as I could about where I was.  I had purchased a big picture book about Augsburg with the most famous historical places of interest.  So I knew then that the Augsburg Cathedral had the oldest stained glass windows in the world, and that they had been taken into safe-keeping during World War II.

It wasn’t until couple of months ago when I was watching a video that it was brought to my attention that the figures depicted on the stained glass windows of a Christian Cathedral were black….

Augsburg Stained Glass

There are Black Madonnas in Monasteries throughout Europe – Here are a couple of examples:

Montserrat, Spain

The monastery sits on Montserrat, near Barcelona, and the stones surrounding it are typical of an Ancient infrastructure site.  this location also sits on a long-distance alignment, but I know from Gary Biltcliffe’s work that the same Belinus line that goes through Spain and France before it enters England.

Benedictine Abbey & Church, Einsiedeln, Switzerland

The architecture of this monastery in Switzerland has characteristic Moorish signatures of onion domes, massive size and building facade ornamentation.

This is St. Maurice (Moritz), Patron Saint of Germany

St. Moritz

The story goes he was an Egyptian and Commander of the Theban Legion in the Roman Army that came to clear the St. Bernard Pass in Switzerland around 287 A.D. where he took a stand against  the Emperor Maximian and refused an order to attack fellow Christians, and he and his legion were ultimately killed.  He became patron saint of the Holy Roman Emperors in 926.  Just leaving this here for consideration in light of everything else I am saying in this post.

Author: Michelle Gibson

I firmly believe there would be no mysteries in history if we had been told the true history. I intend to provide compelling evidence to support this. I have been fascinated by megaliths most of my life, and my journey has led me to uncovering the key to the truth. I found a star tetrahedron on the North American continent by connecting the dots of major cities, and extended the lines out. Then I wrote down the cities that lined lined up primarily in circular fashion, and got an amazing tour of the world of places I had never heard of with remarkable similarities across countries. This whole process, and other pieces of the puzzle that fell into place, brought up information that needs to be brought back into collective awareness.

16 thoughts on “The White-Wash of Europe ~ Video of Post at the End”

  1. I am so happy that you are spreading, acknowledging, and revealing history untold. I want to thank you for the clear, factual evidence provided that makes people scratch their head! No history teacher will want to reveal such information. I had to do my own digging as well. Thank you so much, your work is appreciated!


  2. There are many interesting researchers on YouTube, Martin on Flat Earth British mostly very ancient pictures, maps etc..Robert Sepehr has so much on history he is a anthropologist, lost of things on bloodlines, history of Veil, Nazi symbols, JonLevi takes a look at earth, the damage and many interesting takes on photos , Philipp Druzhinin from Russia gives his take on free energy a and many other historic lessons, LogosMedia has dug deep into who wrote history,
    Looking forward to taking in all your hard work.
    Terry Moore


  3. thanks so much for your in depth research of our real history. hopefully humanity will eventually follow a path working with nature not against it as nature will crush belligerent, greedy and selfish men.


  4. I can completely relate. The resources devoted to maintaining the deceit are simply staggering. So much so that only the most enlightened can navigate their way to the truth.
    Eg. The planet. The plane on which the ancient network grid resides…..


  5. Michelle’s work is truly EPIC. It is right on time. The pace of change, awareness and awakening happening on the planet truly seems to be intense and light workers like Michelle are very needed. I truly respect that she is an honest human being who is playing her part in the restoration of sovereign peaceful planet earth. I feel humbled by her in depth research and thankful for the validation of it all. Rock on Michelle. Gratitude


  6. Heard you on Late Night in the Heartland….fascinating. The youtube videos linked above about the black royal families and the holy black roman empire have been removed by youtube. They don’t like truth.


  7. If Europe was not white until recently, then maybe whites should not continue to be blamed for what happened to the “Indians” in North America (some of whom had previously wiped out what appears to be the original race there – a race of red-headed giants).


    1. Just for point of information because this information is relatively unknown, red-hair, blond-hair and blue eyes are commonly found in Melanesian populations, in places like the Solomon Islands.
      Something very bad has happened here, and Humanity has been divided against itself via race and religion. There are dark forces behind the manipulation that has resulted in the atrocities that have taken place on Earth, and continue to take place to this day. I am personally hopeful that while it may seem to get worse before it gets better, those responsible for what has take place here will be held accountable, and soon. If this doesn’t happen, Humanity as we known it will not survive, which is what has been planned for a long time. They are not, however, operating in the dark any more, and are out in the open for people to see their agenda.


      1. Hi, Michelle, I hope you are correct about the evildoers being held responsible. It would be a massive overhaul of the entire planet if that were to happen.
        Also, there seem to have been some red-haired, blue- or green- eyed people in ancient China, too.
        And I have a feeling (from reading) that t here is much more to the Tartaria issue than has been exposed so far. I suspect that something like what the globalists are trying to do to us now, was done to the Tartarians. (If you have covered this, please excuse – I haven’t read all of your articles yet, but I’m working on it!)


  8. I have studied the cloak of darkness for years myself. I may have stumbled on a answer to a question, of which some of your information confirmed for me, in more depth, Ancient Tartaric “Peoples” The height of the doors, dates false, terrain modification, ancient cedars, “tall tales” the 23ft skeleton in Guyana, Moses having horns, scripture, faery tales, “Tyrant a soar us Rex (King)”, “Cons-pi(3.14)-rate-sea”, and the “Charleston symbology and these “Moors” defined in “Black’s Law” as Officers of the “Isle of Man” Man is a “Feudatory Vassal” male or female in Suzerainty. Everything is for sale (sail) in maritime or marital court-ship of suretyship on the “Queen Mother Mary’s Half-Life Ship of Zombies or “placentas”—“Bi” is a prefix for “two or more” as in binge drink, watch, etc, also bind and others. Also as two alone, bi-sex, bicycle, bifocal, etc. So birth is also legally defined as two. Think about why? When your souls vassal is birthed from the mother-ship it is inside a “vassal”, of which the life is cut and a “birth certificate” is given for you to be “alive or a live” not “in full life” or “in essence”. The symbol only makes sense if you are a flat earther though. You have to first break that paradigm. Hint: NASA in ancient (Hebrew,Latin,Greek) is defined as “to greatly deceive”


  9. I can send you a collage or two I have made with my symbolic, numerologist, and geometric pattern relations. This is where things get “Tart” I live in Pensacola, I used to eat meat, and fish often, sometimes late into the night alone in my kayak in front of the sea wall in Pensacola Pass, anchored up. There has been many times I catch a glimpse of an orb of light overhead, one time there was not a doubt.


  10. P.S. Have you ever camped on Ft. McCrae and went into the battery? Theres a film or two online of it. I have slept there and…lets just say weird shit can happen, and there are many rumors of a very old Porch Creek Indian and members of the “Black Maria” coven that did their druid assemblies there in the early 1900’s. The “Satanic” movement in Pensacola is and has been in full swing. How about you. We have had a city hall satanic induction prayer, as well as our YMCA purchased and demolished…for now anyway, and the Bay View Dog Park and Senior Center has had a 12ft or so Cross by the inlet for many years, until you know who cried wolf. Damn snowflakes, get back to where you belong. To the eastern star.


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