On Chimney Rocks & Man-Made Lakes – with Video of Post at the End

This process of unlocking this hidden information has been very experiential for me.  I  participated and acted on my intuition in various ways, and in so doing, received more and more information.  This is the co-creative participatory process that I talked about in my video.  As this happened, my awareness grew exponentially.

One example is that when I started to crack the code early in 2016 that covers everything up, I realized that rock in a place or attraction name was a code word.  So I started looking up anything with the word “rock” in it.  Any rock. Take your pick. All rocks are connected to the Ancient Civilization:   Chimney Rock, Balanced Rock, Point of Rocks, Rock of Gibraltar, Little Rock, Rock Hill, and so on and so forth.

There are lots of Chimney Rocks.  In this first type of Chimney Rock, you have a pyramidal shape with a phallic antenna.  Pictured on top is a Chimney Rock in the Terry Badlands (another code word) of Eastern Montana; Chimney Rock in Nebraska; and the bottom photo is the Chimney Rock in Colorado.

Chimney Rock, MontanaChimney Rock, NebraskaChimney Rock, Colorado


And this is an old photo of what was Chimney Rock in Freedom, Oklahoma, which is also the location of Alabaster Caverns (more code) and is also not far from Mooreland in Woodward County, Oklahoma.  Now, they want us to believe, as captioned below the photo, this 50-feet high, sturdy rock was worn away so much over thousands of years, that one day in 1973, big winds caused it to fall without anyone seeing it happen.

My BS meter is pegged out on this one!!!

Chimney Rock in Freedom, OK

Moving on to another style of Chimney Rock, here are three examples where the shape is more phallic in nature overall:  first, Chimney Rock in North Carolina; the second is Chimney Rock in Kodachrome Basin, Utah; and the third is the Chimney Rock in Sedona, Arizona.

Chimney Rock, NC 2Chimney Rock in Kodachrome Basin, UTChimney Rock, Sedona

I have come to believe that the phallic symbols represent a uniting of the energies of heaven and earth, and that they morphed into onion domes over time, representing the same shape for the same reason.

Onion domes

Next is the subject of Man-Made lakes.

I was aware of two man-made lakes when I was growing up in Montgomery County and I related the experience of playing on big rocks as a child in the area of “Rock Creek” in Rockville, Maryland, and that this location was close to Lake Needwood and Lake Frank, and knew that both were man-made lakes.  Lake Needwood has great recreational facilities, and I went there often in my childhood with family and groups.

I have come to understand that man-made lakes serve at least two purposes:  1)  creating a water supply; and 2) covering up ancient infrastructure.

I realized early on in cracking the cover-up code that Federal, State, and local parks are part of it.  So I started looking at pictures of parks on the Internet, which included a lot of man-made lakes.

In Oklahoma alone, there are more than 200 lakes created by dams, which is the largest number in any state in the U. S.

The first list of Oklahoma lakes are ones I looked at images on the internet.  I primarily used the bing.com search engine, which was useful because in addition to your search item, they have section of “People interested in __________ also search for __________” and I got a whole lot more  information about other similar places out of that process!

Keep in mind that rocks are key features of the Ancient Civilization….

Lake Altus

Lake Altus, OK

Lake Murray

Lake Murray 1Lake Murray 2

Lake Texhoma

Lake Texhoma.JPG

The next sets of pictures are lakes that I went to see in person.

The first place I went to test my idea that man-made lakes covered up ancient infrastructure was Lake Thunderbird outside of Norman.  I knew what to look for, and was not surprised when I found it:


Found the same thing at Lake Arcadia, outside of Edmond:


By the way, Lake Arcadia reminded me of what I saw in pictures of the Gulf of Bothnia, which is between Sweden and Norway, on an alignment I was following on my globe:

Gulf of Bothnia

I found the same kind of evidence at other lakes outside of Oklahoma City, including Twin Lakes in Bethel, Oklahoma:


The last thing I want to touch upon is what I found when I visited the man-made lakes in Oklahoma City.  Lake Hefner is on the northwest side of OKC, and Lake Overholser is in the west side.  Both of these lakes have huge slabs of concrete covering the lake shores!!!

At Lake Overholser, this is the only evidence of the ancient civilization I found:  the ancient red rocks used to make the sign, and these big cut blocks of red rock behind the park office:


Lake Hefner itself didn’t really have anything to offer, but Martin Nature Park on the north-side of the lake sure did!


I have just shared a few examples of how the creation of man-made lakes covered up ancient infrastructure.  It has been done everywhere.  Not random or isolated occurrences.  And the process created reservoirs for local water supplies.


Author: Michelle Gibson

I firmly believe there would be no mysteries in history if we had been told the true history. I intend to provide compelling evidence to support this. I have been fascinated by megaliths most of my life, and my journey has led me to uncovering the key to the truth. I found a star tetrahedron on the North American continent by connecting the dots of major cities, and extended the lines out. Then I wrote down the cities that lined lined up primarily in circular fashion, and got an amazing tour of the world of places I had never heard of with remarkable similarities across countries. This whole process, and other pieces of the puzzle that fell into place, brought up information that needs to be brought back into collective awareness.

2 thoughts on “On Chimney Rocks & Man-Made Lakes – with Video of Post at the End”

  1. I like your suppositions, very similar to my own. We appear to be tracking lots of the same things–from Lewis & Clark to formations hiding in (nearly) plain sight. I also lived in Rockville as a kid and played amid the rocks. Interesting idea RE the phallic rocks and onion domes! I live near Bat Creek, Loudon, TN; TVA created a faux lake to hide/submerge the many artifacts and evidence in this area. Thanks for posting and being ever curious.


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