Salt Lakes on the Grid – With Video of Post at the End

I found many salt lakes and bodies of water by following the planetary grid-lines that emanate from the North American Star Tetrahedron.  Most of which I had never heard of before.


I think the salt lakes have some kind of energy generative function.  Salt captures the sun’s energy and stores it.  Battery-like power sources for the Planetary and Consciousness Grid system.

In Australia, I found Lake Mackay on at least one long-distance grid-line.  It is a salt lake, and is the largest lake in Western Australia, west of Alice Springs, located in the Great Sandy Desert:


Just a little side-track.  Below, the top left photo was taken near Lake Mackay, Australia; the top right photo, near Sedona, Arizona; and the bottom photo is of Cutimbo, in Peru near Lake Titicaca.  Just wanted you to see the similarity.  Well, you can say it’s all natural because that is what we have been taught, but that is exactly what they want you to believe.   As a matter of fact, they have a couple of natural names for you to choose from – mesa, butte, plateau, tableland.  Take your pick.  If you have been reading my blog, you will know that I believe they are intentionally engineered by the ancient civilization.  These are just a few examples, of many, of this style of  land feature.



I also found other salt lakes in Australia – Lake Eyre (on two alignments), and Lake Torrens (on an alignment).

Lake Eyre, also known as Kati Thanda by the aboriginal people, contains the lowest natural point in Australia, and is a salt lake in Northern South Australia



Lake Torrens is a salt lake in central south Australia, north of the city of Adelaide.



Moving on to Central Asia, the Caspian Sea in Kazahkstan and the South Aral Sea in Uzbekistan are on a global alignment.  Both are on the same long-distance planetary alignment that emanates from one side of the North American Star Tetrahedron and re-connects with the other end of the same side.  As a matter fact, this same alignment becomes the Silk Road going through this part of Central Asia and China.  It is a genuine Great Earth Circle, and it diagonally crosses North America on the other side of the world.

The Caspian Sea (Bordered by Kazakhstan, Russia, Azerbaijan, Iran, and Turkmenistan) is the world’s largest inland body of water, and has salt-content in its water.



The Aral Sea straddles Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, with the South Aral Sea being in Uzbekistan, and is close to the Silk Road.

The shrinking of the Aral Sea, diverted by irrigation projects, has been called one of the planet’s worse environmental disasters, and the region is heavily polluted.

Aral Sea - 1985
Aral Sea – 1985
Aral Sea 1997
Aral Sea – 1997

Kazakhstan completed a dam project in 2005 to save and replenish the North Aral Sea.  By  2008, the water level in this lake had risen 39 ft.   Salinity dropped, and fishing became viable again.

Aral Sea 2009
Aral Sea 2009


Aral Sea 2017
Aral Sea 2017

I found Issyk Kul in Kyrgyzstan by way of following the Silk Road alignment.  This lake is in the Northern Tian Shan mountains, and is the 10th largest lake in the world by volume.  It is the second largest saline lake after the Caspian Sea.   It is considered to be a sacred place by the Kyrgyz people.

Issyk Kul mapIssyk Kul, Kyrgyzstan 1Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan 2Issyk-kul, kyrgyzstan 4Issyk kul, Kyrgyzstan 3

Lop Nur is another ancient salt lake that I found out about by following the grid-lines.  It is in the Takla Maklan Desert in the Southeastern portion of the Uighur Autonomous Region of Xinjiang in China. 

Lop Nur 4
Lop Nur, Uighur Autonomous District of Xinjiang

It is also significant to note that the Chinese Nuclear Weapons Test Base had four nuclear testing zones at Lop Nur, starting in 1959 – with H-Bomb detonation in 1967 – until 1996, with 45 nuclear tests conducted.

Pik-Pobedy in Kyrgyztan, on the Chinese border in the Central Tian Shan Mountains,  is nearby, and while on a different planetary alignment from Lop Nur is also part of the Uighur Autonomous Region in China.  Another pyramid, or pyramids?  What if the Ancients were actually terraforming the earth into pyramidal shapes for the purpose of generating vortexual energy for the grid systems?  James Churchward says the Ancient Uighur Empire was very powerful and sophisticated in his books about Mu.

Pik Pobedy

As I was following the alignment across China, I also found the Qaidam Basin, which is located in the Haixi Mongol and the Tibetan Autonomous Region, in the Qinghai Province, in Western China.  At current count, there are 27 salt lakes here, and approximately 1/3rd of the Basin is desert.



This particular alignment goes on through the Kunlun Shan, Lhasa, Bhutan, and, pictured below, the Brahmaputra River….




…Bangladesh, Myanmar ( formerly known as Burma), the Gulf of Martaban, and from there goes right through Banda Aceh in Indonesia, which was destroyed in the 2004 Tsunami.  Thus, Banda Aceh is on a major global alignment.

Banda Aceh, Indonesia

Please check out my recent Onion Dome post on this blog, which explains more about what I see as a Universal style of architecture of the ancient civilization, and that Islam in its original form is about applied Sacred Geometry and Universal Law, and not what we see playing out today with a radical form of Islam. Race and religion have been used very effectively to divide Humanity.  The organized religions have been used to advance an agenda that is not in Humanity’s best interest because Universal Truths, Love, and Inherent Divinity in all of us have been distorted and suppressed by beings that don’t care about us.

Next touching base on the Dead Sea, which is actually a huge salt lake, is considered the lowest point on earth.  The Dead Sea is renowned for it health and healing properties, and as a result of its high saline content, people can float on it without effort.


Devil’s Lake is in northeastern North Dakota, which would place it approximately directly on one of the lines of the North American Star Tetrahedron.  It is a closed lake, of a drainage basin that is 3,800 square miles. The lake collects most of the basin’s water runoff, and the lake itself is shallow and saline.

Devil's Lake, ND MapNorthAmericaMap BDevil's Lake, North Dakota 1Devil's Lake, North Dakota 2

Lake Van, the largest lake in Turkey, is a saline soda lake, and lies directly on a long-distance alignment.  It has an ancient history of civilization, and for much of history was part of the Kingdom of Greater Armenia.



Lake Urmia, a salt lake in Iran, is on the same alignment, and is geographically close to Lake Van.  As a matter of fact, Lake Urmia, along with Lake Van in Turkey, and Lake Sevan in Armenia, were at one time all part of the Kingdom of Greater Armenia, and together were called the Seas of Armenia.



There is more.  There is always more where the Ancient Civilization is concerned.  But I will stop here for now, or this post will go on and on ;).




Author: Michelle Gibson

I firmly believe there would be no mysteries in history if we had been told the true history. I intend to provide compelling evidence to support this. I have been fascinated by megaliths most of my life, and my journey has led me to uncovering the key to the truth. I found a star tetrahedron on the North American continent by connecting the dots of major cities, and extended the lines out. Then I wrote down the cities that lined lined up primarily in circular fashion, and got an amazing tour of the world of places I had never heard of with remarkable similarities across countries. This whole process, and other pieces of the puzzle that fell into place, brought up information that needs to be brought back into collective awareness.

5 thoughts on “Salt Lakes on the Grid – With Video of Post at the End”

  1. Hello Michelle. I recently came across your website & videos as I was searching related themes for my personal interest – mainly seeking information about my own family heritage, but also looking into things that kept resonating for me with an internal desire to keep seeking more about them. In the process, patterns kept popping up for me to where I just couldn’t ignore them, and I began looking at them with a more focused, open mindset. Needless to say, dots began connecting and started to reveal a similar picture for me, so I believe the greater collective and individual consciousness is awakening to Truths that have been hidden from us. Thank you for your work Michelle. It’s making an impact!

    As I read/watched this posting on salt lakes, I thought about the “healing” properties associated with salt (such as the Dead Sea) and wondered if there might be a medicinal purpose to some of the global Muur design around this idea. Then, I remembered about a place in Oklahoma that we visited a few times when we briefly lived there years ago – Medicine Park, near the entrance to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. I recall it was originally considered a place of healing by the Plains people before it was turned into a luxury spa resort for celebrities and the wealthy in the early 1900s. My family and I took many pictures during our visits and as I look back now, there are so many features that you mention – lakes, waterfalls, rock formations, pyramidical shapes in the landscape, dams and even the commonly found round cobblestones. Have you come across anything that ties in healing aspects to the grand design? Forgive me if you mention this somewhere, as I’ve not seen every post yet, although I am working my way through them.

    Looking forward to your thoughts. It’s inspiring me to learn and share as well…


    1. Hi Sofia,

      In answer to your specific questions, yes, I absolutely have, and believe these healing places were intentionally created with a vast and superior knowledge about physics and elements, and Humanity’s innate psychic abilities in working with these. BTW, Wichita is a form of Washitaw, which goes with the name Mu’urs.

      If you are interested in joining a private like-minded research group on FB, please ask to be invited and I will approve you as a member.

      Thanks for commenting!



      1. Hi Michelle, I really enjoy your work. Thanks for sharing all of your valuable insights and thanks for all of your hard work in making it available to the world. I would like to add a comment, short of writing a book…We are simply the remnants of a lost, world-wide, highly advanced civilization…without question. Our current reality has been created by demonic overlords and their minions, Minions who have traded their inheritance of LIGHT for temporal power; Power that has given them temporary reign over this microcosm of time and space. They have erased our history and can, therefore, control our perception of our current belief system and ultimately our immediate future. I do have many, many ideas, just as you. However, I will give you one to ponder. The heliocentric model of our universe, as postulated by the quackademics, states that our sun is a burning ball of hydrogen or something like that. Can they burn the purported same elements in a laboratory setting and produce a vitamin D metabolite? Humans best and most readily available source of vitamin D is direct exposure to the sun. This illusory matrix is unravelling by the minute. God bless you and keep you safe.


    2. There are three salt lakes that are very near by to the leylines on your grid map in a portion of West Texas laying in a triangle between Tahoka, Brownfield, and New Home. The names of them are Rich Lake, Mound Lake, and Double Lakes. I live very close to Double lakes very far out in the country and I can say that I am able to see a multitude of hyperdimentional biengs. Many more than I can call up and view when I travel elsewhere. I must tell you that I am bipolar and some people may believe that it is a figment of my imagination but my two sons, and my dogs react to the same biengs that I see. We have even had them at times cross over as aparitions, voices, poltergiest, and in one encounter a phisical bieng that appeared in the night and seemed to be from the past and an emanuation of my grandfather at a younger age returning from the walking dead. He was discovered by my dog, then me and my wife witnessed him as I spent 45 minutes with him looking for a stuck vehicle that couldnt be found. When he showed up he drank an excesssive amount of water out of the water hose which I thought to be the key for his longevity in staying a physical bieng. Eventually we had a missunderstanding and I dropped him off away from the house. His story was that he was lost and wandering for two days. But he never took a bite of the sandwich I made him or the snack I gave him. He was wearing as little of clothes could be descent. Which was a small pair of shorts and flip flops. I gave him a white shirt and he was able to wear it.


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