History Reads Like a Book on the Planetary Grid – Part 1 Edmonton to Portland, Maine – With Video of Post at the End

This post will take a closer look at the side of the North American Star Tetrahedron that extends from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and will extend the alignment out starting from Ottawa in Canada, across oceans and continents, all the way to Capetown, South Africa.  In this process, I will be highlighting some ancient sacred sites and infrastructure, as well as hot spots in our modern history as I start this new series.


The northern apex of the star tetrahedron is Edmonton, Alberta.

Edmonton, Alberta Map

Edmonton is the capital of the Province of Alberta.  It sits on the North Saskatchewan River.

Edmonton, Alberta 1

Compare the appearance of Edmonton’s location on the bend of this river with this city in Guizhou Province in China:


This is a historic view of Jasper Avenue in Edmonton, with building in the foreground on the left with its heavy masonry and arched windows.

Edmonton, Alberta - Jasper Avenue

And here on the left is the Alberta Hotel, compared with the Detroit Savings Bank on the Top right; the Plaza Hotel in Roswell, NM in the middle; and a building on Kherson, Ukraine on the bottom right.

The is Ft. Assiniboine, a small hamlet in Alberta not far from Edmonton and was founded as a trading post by the Hudson Bay Company in 1824.

Edmonton, Alberta - Fort Assiniboine 1

The Assiniboine are said to be Plains Cree, and were a major part of an alliance known as the Iron Confederacy, or Nehiyaw Pwat.

And the Ft. Assiniboine, south of Edmonton in Montana, was a U.S. Army post established in 1879, and was abandoned in 1911.  It is said to have been established to prevent Sioux chief Sitting Bull from returning to the United States from Canada and to control the local indian population.

This is what the Bachelor Officers Quarters looked like with its turreted tower:

Montana - Fort_Assiniboine 1

And this is the pyramidal-shaped Mt. Assiniboine, on the British Columbia border with Alberta in what are called the Canadian Rockies.

Edmonton, Alberta - Mt. Assiniboine

From Edmonton, this alignment passes through all of the capitals of the Canadian provinces, as well as Ottawa, the national capital of Canada.

Next is Saskatoon, the largest city in the Province of Saskatchewan.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Map

It straddles a bend in the South Saskatchewan River, and is the largest city in Saskatchewan.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 1

The palatial Delta Bessborough Hotel, said to have been built for the Canadian Pacific Railway from 1928 – 1932.

Saskatoon Delta Bessborough Hotel

And more of the same corner architecture and layout in Saskatoon that is seen worldwide:

And these are the Cypress Hills megalith, where there was a massacre in in 1873, where a group of American bison hunters, American wolf hunters, American and Canadian Whiskey traders supposedly banded together over allegations of horse theft, and murdered a number of people in an Assiniboine camp.  This at least is what the historical record tells us for the reason.

Mystery Rocks Cypress Hills Saskatchewan

These megaliths are found on Mount Saskatchewan.  The lighthouse tower was the name given to a 75 meter pinnacle on the eastern ridge of the mountain.  I can’t find a close-up picture of the lighthouse because that would be interesting to see.

Saskatoon - Mt. Saskatchewan

Next is Winnipeg, Manitoba, the capital city of Manitoba…

Winnipeg, Manitoba Map 1

…and is centered on the Red and Assiniboine Rivers.

Winnipeg, Manitoba 2

Here are some historic buildings in Winnipeg, with the Hudson Bay Company Building pictured on the top, and the Manitoba Legislative building on the bottom left; the Law Courts in the middle; and the Ashdown Building on the bottom right.

We come now to  Thunder Bay, Ontario, on the alignment, and we have crossed into the southern edge of the Canadian Shield, also known as the Laurentian Plateau.

Thunder Bay Ontario Map

Thunder Bay is the seat of the Thunder Bay District in Ontario and is located at the head of Lake Superior.  It was previously known by Fort William and Port Arthur.

Thunder Bay Ontario 1

This is known as the Sleeping Giant in at a Provincial Park in Thunder Bay:

Thunder Bay Ontario - Sleeping Giant

The Hudson Bay Company merged with the original trading post located there at Fort William pictured here.  So they want us to believe these buildings were the original structures of the area…

…instead of actually these buildings here:

We have also crossed into the southern part of the Canadian Shield, also known as the Laurentian Plateau.

Thunder Bay - Laurentian Plateau map

It is called one of the world’s largest geologic continental shelves, of exposed precambrian igneous and high-grade metamorphic rock that forms the ancient geological core of North America.  So I want to share some photos with you of what it looks like with all those nice straight edges and angles:

Thunder Bay - Laurentian Plateau 1Thunder Bay - Laurentian Plateau 3Thunder Bay - Laurentian Plateau 2

So moving on down this alignment, next is Isle Royale, which is located in Lake Superior.   An alignment directly on the Star Tetrahedron goes right through here.

Isle Royale map

Isle Royale is known for its ancient copper mines.  As a matter of fact, the copper from Isle Royale was being mined extensively in the Bronze Age, around 3,000 BC, and was considered the purest copper in the world.  And nobody can really explain who was responsible for the mining, and how it got to Europe.

Isle Royale

The best they can come up with is also how they explain the people who built the mounds.  And they definitely can’t explain how it got to Europe.  This a conundrum that confounds the construct that guides our knowledge of history.

Western Archeologists tell us that somehow Indians in loincloths figured out how to mine copper 5,000 years ago, and that somehow, we really don’t know how, it got to Bronze-Age Europe before there was transoceanic trade.

Copper Miners

The next stop is Ottawa, Ontario, the national seat of government of Canada.

Ottawa, Ontario Map

It stands on the south bank of the Ottawa River in the eastern portion of southern Ontario.

Ottawa 2

This is a historic post office in Ottawa…

Ottawa Post office

…a historic picture of Ottawa taken in the 1800s…

Ottawa - historic Ottawa 1800s

…the Ottawa Museum of Nature…

Ottawa - Canadian Museum of Nature

…and the Parliament buildings.

Ottawa - Parliament

Here is the Rideau Canal in Ottawa, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and connects Ottawa with Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence Seaway.  It is said to have been built in 1832.

Ottawa - Rideau Canal - UNESCO World Heritage

I ask the same question that I have raised in previous blog posts about canals, much less all of these buildings with heavy masonry – what technology, based on what we are taught about our history, could have existed at that time, 1832 in the case of Rideau Canal, to build a sophisticated waterway like this?  According to our historical narrative, it would have been completed before the Industrial Revolution, which didn’t come to Canada until the 1860s.  It quite simply does not match up with what we are taught.

On across the U. S. Border to Burlington, Vermont.

Burlington, Vermont Map

Burlington is the county seat of Chittenden County, and with its population of 50,000 is still the largest city in the State of Vermont.  It is located on the eastern shoreline of Lake Champlain.

Burlington, Vermont Lake Champlain waterfront.

Here are historic pictures  of Burlington:

This is Taconic State Park near Burlington, which has mounds and enormous block-shaped rocks.

Burlington, Vermont - Taconic Mountains State Park

I first started cracking the code covering up the Advanced Ancient Civilization in early 2016.

My process was that after I wrote down the places on a particular route by connecting the dots on a globe, I would follow up by looking up images and videos of these places.

One of the first things I realized is that for as much of the ancient civilization as is destroyed, neglected, or incorporated in unprotected places, much is preserved intact in federal, state, and local parks. I must say that to this day, I am never disappointed.  I can’t emphasize enough that this Ancient Civilization is everywhere – there is not place in the world that it is not.

Next the alignment goes through Montpelier, Vermont.

Montpelier, Vermont map

Montpelier is the State Capital…

Montpelier, Vermont - State Capital Building

…here is the Montpelier City Hall

Montpelier, Vermont - City Hall

…and a building in Montpelier, Vermont, compared with one in Summerside, Prince Edward Island.  Not identical architecture, but similar.

Next we come to Portland, Maine, which is the largest city in Maine, and located on Maine’s Atlantic coast.

Portland, Maine Map

This is a comparision of the lighthouse at Portland, Maine on the left, and Peggy’s Cove in Nova Scotia on the right.  Lighthouses will most likely be the subject of a future blog post, because guess what….

Also, here is a street view of Portland on top, compared with a very familiar look to me from other cities in very different places – bottom left is  Edinburgh, Scotland; middle is from Zagreb, Croatia; and on the bottom right is Ellicott City, Maryland.

This is the end of this first post, where we leave Maine to cross over to the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean.

Author: Michelle Gibson

I firmly believe there would be no mysteries in history if we had been told the true history. I intend to provide compelling evidence to support this. I have been fascinated by megaliths most of my life, and my journey has led me to uncovering the key to the truth. I found a star tetrahedron on the North American continent by connecting the dots of major cities, and extended the lines out. Then I wrote down the cities that lined lined up primarily in circular fashion, and got an amazing tour of the world of places I had never heard of with remarkable similarities across countries. This whole process, and other pieces of the puzzle that fell into place, brought up information that needs to be brought back into collective awareness.

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