Why is This Relevant Today? – With Video of Post at the End

This post is dedicated to providing answers as to who is responsible for what happened to the advanced Ancient Civilization, what happened directly as a result of the destruction of this civilization, and why this information is very relevant in the present time.

Ever since I came into awareness of this information, I have felt an urgency to get this information back into the collective awareness.

When I first uncovered the physical lay-out of the planetary (and consciousness) grid, my first reaction was concern about what would happen if the dark forces ever got a-hold of this information.  Then I realized the dark forces already had the information, and have been negatively manipulating the grid, and thereby our consciousness, by inflicting maximum pain and suffering at locations on the grid.   I saw where modern history reads like a book on the planetary grid, and that not only did the grid need to be healed, I understood that this information about the existence of it needed to get it back out in to the Light of day, and back into collective awareness.

My awareness continued to expand to include the details about the Moors, Washitaw Muurs, and Hebrew Israelites, their global presence, and my belief  formed that Humanity was in Unity Consciousness up until 1492 (if there is any accuracy to our historic timelines).  I will have a separate blog about the Unity Consciousness piece because I have very specific reasons for believing that because of what has come up in my research.

The world history we have been given is filled with war and violence, death and destruction, and I have good reason to believe that Humanity was actually on a positive evolutionary path until this timeline was hijacked by forces with a very negative agenda.  I really think the Catholic Church did not exist before 500 or so years ago.

Why do I believe that?  Because the advanced Ancient Civilization built everything on the planet, including the Vatican.  When the timeline called Rome was superimposed on the existing timeline, and in particular the history of western civilization re-written, the buildings of the ancient civilization were re-attributed to the “Romans” and “Greeks” and so on and so forth, and not to their actual builders.  The false timeline was grafted onto the infrastructure built by the ancient civilization.

This is a comparison of the Roman Colosseum, and a better preserved Colosseum in Pula, Croatia:

We are told that the Romans built the colosseum in Croatia.  There is a major line that emanates from the North American Star Tetrahedron that goes through Croatia on its way across Romania, the Crimea, Georgia, Chechnya, Ukraine, and so forth.  This is a fascinating global alignment that I will be discussing on a separate post.

The so-called Roman Aqueduct of Segovia in Spain…


…and the Xalpa Aqueduct in Tepotzatlan, Mexico.

Xalpa Aqueduct, Tepotzotlan, Mexico

Funny, I didn’t know anything about the Roman Empire being in Mexico.  Did you?

This is the Nashville Parthenon.  They want us to believe that it took only 2 years to build for the 1897 Tennessee Centennial Expo.  Seriously?

Nashville Parthenon

One more thing before I move on to the main point on this post.

I found this picture of the capitol of Melekeok, Palau, in the South Pacific, when I was following a long-distance alignment I found starting from San Francisco that went right through Melekeok.


This entire complex is huge.  Is this overkill for an island nation with a small population (in 2018 it is 22,000)?  Or does it represent something else entirely.  I also want to put this out as a beautiful example domed architecture.  I definitely have an opinion as to who really built the world’s domed buildings.  And I do mean all of them….

I have recently come to realize that the suppressed story of the civilization of the Moors/Muurs/Hebrew Israelites is a template for the globalist elite for their plans to control Humanity and destroy western civilization in the present day.  I am also going to say that while unfortunately the globalists are far along in the implementation of their plans because they have been working at it for a very long time, I believe that conditions are in place for a new positive timeline for humanity.  The globalist plans have been interrupted.

I would not know relevant current events except for Twitter.   I was never on Twitter until February of this year, and I got a Twitter account to become a Twitter Activist and help red-pill people by tweeting/re-tweeting truth bombs.  I am following Truther/Awake people, and I see current events that are happening in real-time on my twitter feed that I would not otherwise be aware of because it is not something that would be covered by mainstream news (which I don’t follow anyway).

So before I go off on too many more tangents, let me go back to who I believe is responsible for what happened to the advanced Ancient Civilization.

I mentioned Peter Moon and Rick Smith in my last post.  The work of both men contain important clues and information about the Moors.  I am cautious in my approach to accepting information as valid, but if it resonates with me over time, and ultimately makes sense as an explanation, I am more comfortable with it.  I bring this up because I tend to accept what they are saying as good information.

First, Peter Moon.  I have read of number of his books.  I think it was in either the “Montauk Book of the Dead” or “Synchronicity and the Seventh Seal” (thinking probably the former), he writes about the scrying activities of  John Dee and Edward Kelly bringing in fallen angels and other lower vibrational entities.

The Russians actually corroborated this information in a press release in February of 2015:

Russia Issues Grave Warning

Rick Smith, also known as the UFO Teacher, has an interesting personal story in that there has been multi-generational ET contact with the women in his family, except this generation where he is the contactee through which information is received.  He is a professional artist and writer.

This first video is 23-minutes long,  I watched it before I put all this information together in 2016, so I would say that in a way it served as a marker or guide along the way.  He brings out what happened to the Moors was the result of an ancient vendetta against the Family of Man and the Temple of Solomon by what he called the Shettu Regime.

The Ancient Relationship Between Moors, Masons, and Aliens

In the second video, which is 2-hours long, he goes into depth about where that ancient vendetta against the Moors and the Family of Man came from, as well as providing information about the Moors.  He also brings in the Reptilian, Annunaki, and Archon (who he calls the Greys) involvement in what has taken place.

European Confessions of a Moorish Legacy

I have come to see the Fallen Angels, Reptilians, and Archons as being primarily responsible for what happened to the advanced ancient civilization, and what has been going on up to the present day.  Not as sure about the Annunaki’s direct involvement in what has been taking place on this planet, but I don’t discount the possibility.

I think that what happened directly as a result of the destruction of this ancient civilization was a human and social engineering process in which race and religion were weaponized, and that somehow racial phenotypes were engineered and categorized by continents:  Europe – white;  Africa – black; and so on.

Christopher Columbus, the Jesuits, the Spanish Conquistadors, and the British East India Company were the agents which by which the take-down of the ancient global civilization ensued under the guise of exploration & discovery; to find gold, religious converts, and land; religious administration and education; and trade ventures.  Actual results were the exploitation and destruction of indigenous populations; theft of land, considerable wealth and resources; forced religious conversion; destruction of culture and genocide; and more of the same through the so-called trading company.

Christianity was weaponized as missionary zeal, with no compunction about abuse and torture to convert, or murder if refusal to convert.

Race was weaponized and used to create division, separation, and fear.

It was never about the upliftment of white people over others.  It was about taking out the higher consciousness of the planet, and lowering the collective consciousness to the lowest common denominator (or as I also say, to the level of Beavis and Butthead) for the purposes of control and domination, and I believe this is the result of an interdimensional war against the Creator and Creation through Humanity.

The identity of the true Israelites, the 12 tribes of the Great Central Sun, the Children of Is-ra-el –  Mother – Father God – was replaced with a false identity and hidden away, and many were relegated to an existence of slavery, degradation and marginalization, if they weren’t killed.

This subjugation allowed for the identity of the Israelites to be co-opted up the Khazarian Jew/Zionist crowd.  The Rothschilds purchased Jerusalem in 1829, and subsequently acquired considerable land in Palestine in the 1800s and early 1900s.

Many of you may know this already – there are four city-states which serve as the foundations for the creation of a New World Order:

The Vatican = Spiritual Control
City of London = Financial Control (House of Rothschild)
Washington, D. C. = Military Control
The United Nations = World Government

They have done innumerable things to prevent the awakening of Humanity, which is their biggest fear.  Once we wake up, claim our power, and know about their severe crimes against Humanity, they are toast.  They covertly use methods like chemtrails, fluoridated water, tainted food supply, EMFs, TV, movies , a controlled-media in an effort to control the population just to name a few.

They tell us in the Georgia Guidestones about their plans for depopulating the planet, and like everything else they do, they use positive-sounding verbiage to disguise a negative agenda towards Humanity:

Georgia Guidestones

Just as Christianity was weaponized against the ancient civilization, radical Islam (along the lines of ISIS) & Sharia Law is what is they have in place to take down Western Civilization.

Like the destruction of the Ancient Civilization, this is another human and social engineering process that has nothing to do with benefiting Humanity.   Problem – Reaction – Solution:  The destabilization of Western Civilization by radical Islam is going to be restored to order by the New World Order.  Or so they planned.

In the U.S. some places have more issues with this than others,  There has been massive corruption in our government surrounding complicity with the globalist agenda.

Their activities are being more and more exposed in the alternative media and the Internet.  They do death and deception well, and will say and do anything that serves their purposes, but it is getting harder and harder for them to keep their activities hidden because their high crimes within government and crimes against humanity are being exposed.

I think very soon we will be seeing high-level criminals being held accountable for their crimes.

In Europe, the social problems occurring with Islamization is much worse than it is here, though it is happening here in different parts of the country.  In Europe, the influx of refugees from countries which have been intentionally de-stabilized to create this problem (the Cabal/Deep State really exists for those who may not believe it), is causing major issues for the citizens of those countries.

Throughout Europe, women are afraid to go out for fear of being raped because of on-going attacks, including coordinated ones.

Migrant Rape Fears Spread Across Europe

If you have not yet heard, in England, an outspoken journalist named Tommy Robinson was doing a live-stream interview outside of a courthouse where there was a trial going on involving Muslim members of what they are calling a grooming gang.  The police arrested Tommy for doing the live-steam, and within a short period of time on the same day was tried, sentenced to a 13-month jail sentence, immediately taken to jail, and a gag order was placed on the press.
Read about it here:  Tommy Robinson

You need to know this stuff is happening, and I wish it wasn’t so.  If it stays hidden, it keeps happening, and we are unconsciously manipulated by forces which desire to harm us.

I came across the Clock of Destiny website several years ago, and the impression that it made on me is that Islam in its pure and original form is about applied sacred geometry and universal laws:

Clock of Destiny

Marko Rodin, inventor of the Rodin Coil, intuited a key that deciphered vortex-based mathematics, and I believe this is all part of the advanced applied knowledge of the ancient civilization:

An Introduction to the Rodin Coil and Vortex Based Mathematics

In conclusion, I presented answers to which I have given much thought to explain  how what happened to the Ancient Civilization is relevant in the present-day.  No, I am not a conspiracy theorist.  I am wide Awake.

My work is about bringing out what has been hidden,  and my intention is to bring this information to the light for awareness, healing and transmutation for the highest good and the greatest need.

I have had to process through getting angry and upset at what has been done, but I know that the only way out is to go into higher consciousness and the heart, and to align with what we want, not with what we don’t want.

Those who are awake and aware must endeavor to hold the neutral space for the integration of light and darkness as we move through these pivotal times.  It is so important to unite in love as One Humanity, and no longer allow the strategy of divide and conquer to work.

Ancient Ones,
I am So Sorry
Please Forgive Me
I Love You
Thank You

Author: Michelle Gibson

I firmly believe there would be no mysteries in history if we had been told the true history. I intend to provide compelling evidence to support this. I have been fascinated by megaliths most of my life, and my journey has led me to uncovering the key to the truth. I found a star tetrahedron on the North American continent by connecting the dots of major cities, and extended the lines out. Then I wrote down the cities that lined lined up primarily in circular fashion, and got an amazing tour of the world of places I had never heard of with remarkable similarities across countries. This whole process, and other pieces of the puzzle that fell into place, brought up information that needs to be brought back into collective awareness.

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