Short and Sweet #2 – Places and Topics Suggested by Viewers

This is a new series I have started called “Short & Sweet,” which will run over a longer period of time, focusing in each one on just a few places and topics to research that viewers have suggested to me.

I will be able to get new material out in a faster amount of time in this manner than what my normal research takes me.

Just a few more interesting points of information that came up in comments in response to places and topics mentioned in Short and Sweet #1 before I move on to new things.

Skip commented that Aztalan State Park in Wisconsin is on the same Serpent Lei line identified by Peter Champoux.

Aztalan State Park is a National Historic Landmark of what is called by historians as part of the Mississippian culture of moundbuilders, and was part of a widespread culture throughout the Mississippi and its tributaries, with a vast trading network extending from the Great Lakes Region, to the Gulf Coast, to the Southeast.

This is described as the largest platform mound at Aztalan…

…which is very similar in appearance to Monk’s Mound at Cahokia State Historic Site in Collinsville, Illinois, which was considered to be a chief center of the Middle Mississippian culture.

Aztalan is near Lake Mills and Madison.

Lake Mills is the location of Rock Lake, described as a fishing hole east of Madison.

There is a legend there are ancient pyramids at the bottom of Rock Lake, on land that was flooded in the 19th-century, and researchers have investigated for evidence, but critics claim the legend is nothing more than fable.

The nearby city of Madison is Wisconsin’s state capital.

Here is an engraving of downtown Madison and the Capitol building attributed to the year of 1865, which would have been the year the Civil War ended.

There sure is a lot of classical-looking architecture in the background of this engraving!

Another viewer commented that Fort Bragg is on Peter’s Serpent Lei alignment as well.

Fort Bragg is home to the Army’s 18th Airborne Corps and the U. S. Army Special Operations Command, as well as the U. S. Army and Army Reserve Commands, and two airfields as well.

It is the largest military installation in the United States, and one of the largest military installations in the world.

JA made a reference to the research universities in North Carolina, which is a good place to bring in the region known as the “Research Triangle,” which is midway between, and east, of Pilot Mountain and Fort Bragg on this leyline.

The “Research Triangle” refers to a metropolitan area in North Carolina which is anchored by three-major research universities:

North Carolina State University in Raleigh; Duke University in Durham; and the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill; with the Research Triangle Headquarters centrally-located, which is where numerous tech companies and enterprises are located near the research facilities of these Universities.

It is interesting to note that Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem is more directly on the alignment than the three major research universities…

…and better known for the sports’ championships of its “Demon Deacons” Teams, winning National Championships in five different sports…

…and in this photo of the Wake Forest Campus, you can see Pilot Mountain, also on this alignment, in the background.

JA also left a comment connecting Venus Flytraps and Wilmington, North Carolina, saying that the Venus Flytrap is Native to Wilmington.

And sure enough, the only place in the world the carnivorous Venus Flytrap is native to is a 90-mile, or 145 -kilometer, radius around Wilmington, North Carolina…

…and which includes part of South Carolina in its radius as well.

JA said supposedly asteroids hit in the specific area where Venus Flytraps are native.

So my reply to JA was that the first thing that came to my mind was the “Little Shop of Horrors.”

Apparently the carnivorous Venus Flytrap occupies a special niche in the horror genre, no matter where it came from!

With regards to what I mentioned about the band “The KLF,” known prior as “The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu,” in the last post that was a follow-up to part one, I got quite a bit of feedback. Here are some examples:

Joe P. said that KLF burned £1 million on August 23rd of 1994, on the Isle of Jura, in the early hours of the morning.

BH said they were silent from that time until August 23rd of 2017, 23-years to the day after they burned the million pounds, when they returned as JAM, launched a novel called “2023: A Trilogy,” and staged a three-day event called “Welcome to the Dark Ages.”

The JAMS were also known as the Timelords.

Wait, where have we heard that before?

Well, all we are allowed to know about Time Lords, Time Travel, and Time Wars are from TV shows like “Dr. Who,” and other examples of the Science Fiction Genre.

Therefore time travel and its related topics are not framed as real, and we are not given any information to support whether or not this notion is true either.

Most people, with no reason to believe it could possibly be true, think those who believe it are crazy or otherwise out-of-touch with reality.

On a similar note, a comment from another viewer, LL, said that it was very interesting what Bill Drummond, a founding member of JAMS, said about Mathew Street in Liverpool.

The commenter related that Bill Drummond said it was on the interstellar ley line, which comes careenng in from outer space, hits the Earth in Iceland, bounces back up, writhing about like a conger eel, then down Mathew Street in Liverpool, where the Cavern Club is, and from there it goes back up, twisting, turning, and wriggling across the face of the earth until it reaches the uncharted mountains of New Guinea, where it shoots back into Deep Space, and that this interstellar ley line is a mega-powered one, with too much power coming down it for it not to writhe about, and that the only three-fixed points on earth it travels through are Iceland, Mathew Street in Liverpool and New Guinea. Wherever something creatively or spiritually-mega happens anywhere else on earth, it is because this interstellar ley line is momentarily powering through the territory.

The world-famous Cavern Club on Mathew Street is where the Beatles got their start in 1961, becoming the center of Liverpool’s rock and roll scene in the 1960s.

The Beatles are regarded as the most influential band of all time, and were integral to the development of the counterculture of the 1960s, and pop music’s recognition as an art form.

In light of Bill Drummond’s belief that a powerful interstellar leyline travels down Mathew Street, it is interesting to note that a similar-looking club was featured in the opening sequence of the 2007 musical romantic drama movie “Across the Universe…”

…in homage to the Beatles’ beginnings, where the filming for the scene actually took place at the Cavern Club.

In my journey of learning about the earth grid and leylines over the years, I encountered the work of Bethe Hagens, in a presentation she gave at the 2011 Megalithomania Conference in Glastonbury, Connecticut.

In this fascinating lecture that I encountered very early in my journey down this road, Bethe talks about not only earth grids, but celestial grids as well.

We have literally been kept in the dark about so many things.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

And what are leylines?

Leylines are energy lines of places in alignment with each other composed of natural energies that link and connect distant places and sacred sites, which many believe in a way that is metaphysical, as well as physical.

I really think the Earth’s Controllers, of the last couple of hundred years, have reverse-engineered the Earth’s grids from a positive, life-enhancing system, into a control system to support their goals of power and control, and to lower our collective consciousness at the same time, to keep us in fear, and not in our higher states of consciousness of love, joy, and Unity!

It seems like whatever happens on the Earth’s grid-lines, for positive benefit or negative outcome, has an enhanced effect.

Now I will move on to comments about other places I have received.

Another viewer, MP, who grew up in North Wales near the Wirral Peninsula, remembers a place he went to as a child called “The Cup and Saucer” and said it was a diverted bit of the river.

It went along what looked like a stone-cut, or concrete canal about 6-feet in width, but long…

…and which ran into a round pool with a hole in the centre where the water dropped around 8-feet, or about 2.5-meters.

He said you could access a tunnel to get underneath and he used to play in there with other kids, then run a few miles to a water mill, then go back the the river.

It belongs to the National Trust Site of Erddig, in Wrexham in North Wales, and Erddig Hall is considered one of Great Britain’s finest stately homes.

A different commenter asked me look at the tidal pool at Powfoot Beach in Scotland.

Powfoot Beach is a stretch of coastline along the Solway Firth consisting of mud flats and a salt marsh.

The Powfoot Beach pool is described as an “old Victorian tidal pool,” where Scots could learn to swim, enjoy family days out, and relax in seawater pools “penned in by rocky boundaries.”

Problem is this idyllic beach scenario is complicated by the unpredictably bad Scottish weather, and sinking mud at low tide.

The Powfoot Beach tidal pool was said to have been built, from what I could find, in 1903, split in half to divide one side for men, and the other side for women.

Other “Victorian- and Edwardian-era tidal swimming pools” on the coast of Scotland include:

The North Baths in Wick, Scotland…

…and in the vicinity of Fife, the Cellardyke tidal swimming pool in East Fife, Scotland…

…the Pittenweem Tidal Swimming Pool in Fife…

…and the Step Rock Tidal Swimming Pool in St. Andrews, near Fife, to name a few.

Another viewer suggested that I look into the Infomart Building in Dallas, Texas.

The Infomart is the one of the largest buildings in Dallas, and is the world’s first, and only, information processing marketing center.

It is home to more than 110 technology and communications companies.

It opened in 1985, and was developed by Trammell Crow, with the design based on the 1851 Crystal Palace in London.

The Infomart building itself has hospital-grade electrical power, which is supplied by five-independent electrical feeds to three separate electric substations, resulting in a very reliable electric source that hasn’t ever experienced a 100% outage.

There is a miniature Sphinx statue in front of the Infomart…

…and it is served by the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) System’s “Market Center Station,” so there is a light-rail presence nearby as well.

Trammell Crow developed the Dallas Market Center as well, a 5-million-square-foot, or 460,000-meters-squared, wholesale trade center, that is closed to the general public, with showrooms for all manner of consumer products.

It is the most complete wholesale trade resource in the world.

At the time known as the Dallas Trade Mart, it was the destination of President John F. Kennedy’s motorcade when he was assassinated in Dallas’ Dealey Plaza, on November 22nd, of 1963.

It is also interesting to note that some scenes from the 1976 film “Logan’s Run” were filmed in the Dallas Market Center’s Apparel Mart.

This caught my attention because I remember this movie well.

I would have been 13 in 1976 when the movie came out, and saw it at the theater with a same-age friend.

It was one of those movies where we both left the theater asking “What did we just watch?”

The basic plot is about a pleasure-filled world…

…where its inhabitants live their entire lives inside a sealed city of geodesic domes, with every pleasure imaginable available.

That is, at least, until you reach the age of 30, at which time you are required to undergo a group ritual called “Carousel” that ended in your death.

Those who chose to “run” to freedom, which was outside of the sealed, domed, world, and not go through the ritual, were immediately targeted to be terminated by what were known as “Sandmen.”

Logan’s Run was about a Sandman who chose to run, who eventually made it to the world outside the domes with another runner…

…and the end of the movie culminated with the destruction of the sealed city and escape of its citizens, who see the “old man” and realize they can live much longer than 30.

I saw “Logan’s Run” 45-years-ago.

Just interesting the kind of dystopian subject matter about our future that Hollywood has been filling our brains with for quite awhile now.

And is Dallas situated on a leyline?

I do know of one big ley-line that the Dallas – Fort Worth area is situated near, on my own finding of the North American Star Tetrahedron, which I found back in 2016, when I noticed major cities lining up in lines in North America, and which the original research I have done is based on.

At any rate, there is certainly a lot that has gone on in Dallas over the years!

I will be featuring places and topics suggested by viewers in this new series called “Short and Sweet.”

I will focus on a few at a time, but will be doing this over a long period of time so I can get your suggestions included, and will continue to work on other projects around this one.

Author: Michelle Gibson

I firmly believe there would be no mysteries in history if we had been told the true history. I intend to provide compelling evidence to support this. I have been fascinated by megaliths most of my life, and my journey has led me to uncovering the key to the truth. I found a star tetrahedron on the North American continent by connecting the dots of major cities, and extended the lines out. Then I wrote down the cities that lined lined up primarily in circular fashion, and got an amazing tour of the world of places I had never heard of with remarkable similarities across countries. This whole process, and other pieces of the puzzle that fell into place, brought up information that needs to be brought back into collective awareness.

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