Following the Money & Influence – Part 2 The Ways We Were Kept Asleep ~ Distractions

In the process of doing the research for my blog posts, I am finding out how the new historical narrative was created and implemented, and how the original history was deconstructed and reconstructed into a new narrative, in which we are immersed, and indoctrinated, from cradle to grave.

By following money and influence, the true picture of what has taken place here emerges.

I believe Humanity was on the completely different and positive timeline of the ancient Moorish Civilization up until relatively recently. This civilization built all of the infrastructure on the earth in alignment with sacred geometry and Universal Law to create Harmony and balance between Heaven and Earth.

After wiping out this civilization by creating a worldwide liquefaction event, causing a mud flood – which I believe took place during the Great Frost of Ireland between 1740 and 1741 – the powerful, life-enhancing infrastructure of the planetary grid system of the Moors needed to be dug out, and was reverse-engineered into a control system for Humanity.

By the mid-1800s, enough infrastructure had been dug out of the mud flows to officially re-start the “New World” civilization at the Crystal Palace Exposition of 1851.

The negative beings behind the hijack of the timeline based much in the new historical narrative on the Moorish Legacy, but twisted and subverted from its original meaning.

For one example, this is Moorish Islam.

The hiding of this ancient advanced civilization in plain sight was accomplished by shaping the false narrative, educating us in it, and reinforcing it with images coming from Hollywood, literature, art – it is not supposed to be there, so we don’t see it.  We don’t even think it.

So how were we put, and kept, asleep?

In this post I am going to focus primarily on the intentional creation and promotion of distractions, though, as with everything else, connections to other things will come up frequently.

A distraction is a thing that prevents someone from giving full attention to something else.

Why on earth would we be kept addicted, drugged, and distracted?

There are several reasons.

The main reason is the negative beings don’t want us to know who we really are, and why we are here.

Each Human Being is a Living Hologram of the Universe, and our sole purpose of existence is to ultimately re-unite spiritually with our Higher Self and balance our Masculine and Feminine Qualities along the lines of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, which is what the Moors were doing here before the hijack.

Moorish-American Master Adepts in the present day are wisdom-keepers of ancient sacred Kemetic Mysteries and Knowledge about all Creation. They are living practitioners of Egyptian Yoga, also known as Wadjet Yoga; and Medu Neter, the language of the Egyptian Hieroglyphs.

The parasitic and multi-dimensionally aware beings behind all of this want us to believe that suffering, sickness, misery, destruction, death was and is our normal state of being, and not question what we have been taught about who we are.

They are the only ones who benefit because they energetically feed on Humanity’s negative emotional states.

Additionally, they have manipulated Human beings to become the perpetrators of negativity and depravity against fellow Human beings

Horrific crimes against, and abuse of, Humanity has taken place at unimaginable levels because it has been deeply hidden by those behind it, who fear the Great Awakening of Humanity.

I am going to start-off on the subject of this post with the distraction…among many other things…of movies.

The breakthrough of projected cinematography, meaning pertaining to the art or technique of motion picture photography, is regarded at the public screening of ten of the Lumiere brothers short films in Paris on December 28th, 1895. Interestingly, the French word “lumiere” means “light.”

Shortly thereafter, film production companies and studios were established all over the world.

This was their home in Lyon, France, now a museum…

…and this is their tomb…

…within Lyon’s Guillotierre Cemetery, which is comprised of two adjacent, but connected cemeteries. The Nouveau, or New Cemetery was said to have been built in 1854…

…and the Ancien, or Old, Cemetery was said to have been built in 1822. They are separated by the Avenue Berthelot…

…and there are also railroad tracks there. I keep finding things exactly like what is here in many other places, including major engineering feats like, railroad tracks, star forts and canals occurring together…and cropping up during the time-period of the mid-1800s.

What strikes me is that the historical narrative we have been given during this time does not account for the highly sophisticated engineering technology necessary to build all of this infrastructure, and I find these exact same things across continents and oceans around the world! I think it was all part of the planetary grid system that was reverse-engineered. More about these types of things later in this post.

Next, I would like to take a look at Marcus Loew, who was born in 1870 and died in 1927. He was an American business magnate.

He was a pioneer of the motion picture industry, founding Loew’s Theaters in 1904, the oldest theater chain operating in the United States until it merged with AMC Theaters in 2006, and he was the founder Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios in 1924.

Another poor young man made good, he was born into a poor Jewish family in New York City. His parents were immigrants from Austria and Germany. He had to work from a young age and had little formal education. We are told he was able to save enough money from menial jobs to buy into the penny arcade business as his first business investment.

Interesting to note that the birth of the viable interactive entertainment industry in 1972 resulted from a coin-operated entertainment business with well-developed manufacturing and distribution channels around the world, and computer technology that had become cheap enough to incorporate into mass market entertainment products. The year of 1972 that Magnovox released the world’s first home video game console, the Magnovox Odyssey…

…and while there were other less well-known video arcade games released around 1972, the first block-buster video arcade game was “Space Invaders,” responsible in 1978 for starting what is called the “Golden Age of Video Arcade Games.”

So there is a direct connection through time between penny arcade games and video arcade games – another distraction, addiction, and big money-maker, usually found in theaters no less….

Not long after buying into the penny arcade business, Loew purchased a nickelodeon in partnership with Adolph Zukor.

A Nickelodeon was a type of indoor exhibition space dedicated to showing projected motion pictures.

His first nickelodeon partner, Adolph Zukor, was one of the founders of Paramount Pictures, which was formed in 1912.

Marcus Loew formed the People’s Vaudeville Company in 1904, which showcased one-real films and live variety shows.

Vaudeville was a type of entertainment popular chiefly in the United States early in the 20th-century, featuring a mix of speciality acts such as burlesque comedy, song, and dance.

Burlesque is a style in literature and drama that mocks or imitates a subject by representing it in an ironic or ludicrous way.

Human degradation was going on here, as opposed to learning ways to expand into self-awareness and Higher Consciousness.

In 1910, Marcus Loew expanded to become Loew’s Consolidated Enterprises with Adolph Zukor, Joseph Schenk, and Nicholas Schenk.

In addition to theaters, Marcus Loew and the Schenk brothers expanded the Fort George Amusement Park in Upper Manhattan.

Fort George was located at the end of the Third Avenue Trolley Line, and was said to have been developed as a trolley park around 1894.

Joseph and Nicholas Schenk were said to have been Russian immigrants who opened a beer hall at Fort George Amusement Park in 1905, and they formed a partnership with Marcus Loew to expand rides and vaudeville shows there. The red arrows are pointing to the masonry banks of the Harlem River.

This trolley park suffered extensive damage from a fire in 1913, reportedly from arson. It was not rebuilt, and in 1914, many of the remaining amusements were destroyed, albeit with some concessionaires continuing to hold onto the their stands for awhile.

By 1913, Marcus Loew operated a large number of the theaters in diverse places. Not only in New York, but New Jersey, Washington, D. C., Boston, and Philadelphia.

I first came across Marcus Loew in Jersey City, New Jersey, in the form of the Landmark Loew’s Jersey Theater, said to have opened in 1929. A fully-preserved theater, it is as lavish on the outside…

…as it is on the inside.

Preservationists succeeded in saving the building from demolition after it closed in 1986.

It is used for special events, and is the primary venue of the annual Golden Door Film Festival since 2011.

Here’s the thing.

Most of the historic Loew’s theaters did not survive very long.

Loew’s Theater on the far eastern end of Canal Street in Manhattan, said to date from 1927…

…had this fate of abandonment.  It was only in operation as one of Loew’s Theaters until the 1960s.  It became an “indie” film theater until it closed for good by 1980 and was abandoned. An “indie” is a feature film or short film produced outside of a major film studio.

I see patterns of eight-pointed stars in the design in the ceiling above the chandelier.

For comparison, this is a Moroccan design pattern with eight-pointed stars.

There has been an effort to restore some parts of the Loew’s Canal Street Theater since 2010. But why let a beautiful structure like this go to ruin in the first place?

Another example is Loew’s 46th Street Theater in Brooklyn, said to have been taken over by Loew’s Company in 1928, operating until 1966.

It was taken over by Brandt Theaters, and operated by this company from 1966 to 1969.

It re-opened as the 46th Street Rock Palace in 1969 presenting concerts, and closed as a theater and concert hall for good in 1973.

It was converted into retail space as a furniture store until 2015, at which time the furniture store moved, and this former theater was converted into apartments.

There are many more examples. These was not the exception ~ these examples were the rule for these beautiful old theaters. Why on earth was this the case?

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, also known as MGM, was founded in 1924, when Marcus Loew gained control of Metro Pictures, Goldwyn Pictures, and Louis B. Mayer Pictures.

It was the dominant motion picture studio in Hollywood from the end of the silent film era in the late 1920s to the 1950s, and was one of the first studios to experiment filming in technicolor.

Besides having big name stars of the day for more sophisticated feature films, like Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford, Spencer Tracy, and Clark Gable, MGM Studios also released the shorts and features produced by the Hal Roach Company, like Laurel and Hardy…

…and Our Gang, a series of short films following a group of poor neighborhood children and their adventures.

So instead of movies studios using the powerful medium of film for the upliftment and improvement of Humanity, generations of adults and children had their brains filled with things like slapstick comedy.

I remember watching re-runs of “Our Gang” as a kid in the 1960s and 1970s when I was staying home from church on Sundays, when it was the only thing to watch on television besides televangelists.

In 1973, MGM Resorts International was formed, a hotel and casino company based in Las Vegas. It was a division of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios until 1986. So this movie studio was tied into the lucrative gambling addiction industry a well.

This whole process starting with Marcus Loew, to MGM Studios, to MGM Resorts International, is also a great illustration of how a lot of money ends up in the hands of a few people.

Movies, gambling, and alcohol became the centerpieces of entertainment in modern culture, and industries like these are making millions upon millions off of an unaware public that has been immersed in the intentional promotion of consumerism, a social and economic order that encourages an acquistion of goods and services in ever-increasing amounts.

This made me think of the introduction of the credit card to facilitate consumerism. Diners Club was the first, issuing its charge card in 1950, and American Express and the Bank of America followed in 1958.

Yet another way to make money off of the public by charging interest, and enabling impulse gratification, and instead of encouraging prudent and responsible living within one’s means.

Another spin-off from the movie industry, and another way to immerse the general public in the idolatry of Hollywood, was the development of action figures, and other collectibles, related to popular movies and characters.

The first movie action figure was produced by AC Gilbert in 1964, and was based on the James Bond movie “Goldfinger.”

And, of course there is Walt Disney’s ubiquitous Mickey Mouse.

There are two subjects I would like to bring up before I move on to other distractions.

The first is Midtown Atlanta’s Fox Theater.

This is definitely Moorish architecture.

Construction of it as a large Shrine Temple was said to have started in 1928, but the 2.75 million dollar project soon exceeded their budget…

…so the project was said to have been leased to movie mogul William Fox.

The Fox Theater opened in 1929, two months after the stock market crash and the beginning of the Great Depression. The Theater closed 125-weeks after it opened. New owners acquired it, Paramount Pictures and Georgia-based Lucas & Jenkins, after the mortgage was foreclosed in 1932.

This is the interior of the Fox Theater…

…and on the left is a detail of the Fox Theater stage in Atlanta; of the Mabel Tainter Memorial Theater stage in Menomonie, Wisconsin in the middle; and a detail on the right of The Alhambra in Grenada, Spain, the only place acknowledged to have had a Moorish civilization.

Everywhere else, the Moors and their ancient, advanced and worldwide civilization has been removed from the historical record.

The other subject I would like to bring up are famous actors who were Shriners, an order established within freemasonry in 1870, and comprised of 32nd and 33rd degree freemasons, the two highest degrees in freemasonry.

This is not by any means an all-inclusive list of famous actors and entertainers who were also Shriners:

Clark Gable…

…Ernest Borgnine…

…Glenn Ford…

…John Wayne…

…the voice of Bugs Bunny, Mel Blanc…

…Red Skelton…

…and Roy Rogers.

Moorish Masonry has 360-degrees, and these are Moorish Shriners.

Because, you see, this is what all of this, every bit of what has taken place here, is really all about.

Again, the Moors were and are the custodians of the Ancient Egyptian mysteries, according to George G. M. James in his book “Stolen Legacy.”

The other distraction I am going to bring up is organized sports, like American football, with a history going back to the first college football game between Rutgers and Princeton on November 6th, 1869…

…and having a ball shaped like the vesica piscis.

The vesica piscis is the first sacred geometric figure to emerge in the process of creating the Flower of Life pattern.

Football everywhere else in the world, except for the United States where it is called soccer, had its first ever match on December 19th, 1863, at Mortlake, London, England between the Barnes Football Club and the Richmond Football Club…

…and in which the football, or soccer ball, is shaped like the sacred geometric shape of the dodecahedron…

…found within the Flower of Life pattern.

The first public basketball game was played in Springfield, Massachusetts, on March 11th, 1892…

…which brings to mind a comparison of the ball of the sport of “hoops,” compared with the hoop configuration of the Sacred Hoop Dance of Native Americans…

…which is also connected to depicting the Flower of Life, the creation pattern of the Universe.

Basketball also provides a great cover for the human giants living amongst us.

The last organized sport I would like to bring forward is baseball.

The first officially recorded baseball game in the United States took place on the Elysian Fields of Hoboken, New Jersey, on June 19th, 1846, between the “New York Nine” and the New York Knickerbockers.

When you look up the meaning of Elysian Fields, it says that it refers to the final resting place of souls of the heroic and the virtuous in Greek mythology and religion. I don’t know what this means in the context, but I find it interesting to note.

So, for one thing, you have the baseball diamond, and the shape of a diamond, which looks like a square turned side-ways.

A square is the face of a cube, which is also found within the Flower of Life pattern.

I bring in this information about the sacred geometric shapes contained within elements of all of these sports because I believe sacred geometry is being deliberately misused against Humanity here.

Sporting events serve as a distraction and an addiction in and of themselves, and then you add in the sports’ fan culture of drinking alcohol at sporting events…

…and in places like sports’ bars, you have extra added addictions being promoted and normalized.

And as well you have the promotion of unhealthy, long-called junk, foods in the concession stands of stadiums…

…and movie theaters.

I also have strong suspicions that baseball fields, and stadiums for that matter, represent far more on the planetary grid system than what we are taught about them.

I really started thinking about this when I was taking a look in Nashville, Tennessee at Fort Negley, and noticed there was a baseball field sandwiched between the star fort and railroad yards in Nashville.

Like I mentioned earlier in this post, I consistently find star forts and railroads in close proximity all over the world.

Another interesting find were these concentric circles, next to a baseball field, at Hilltop Park in Havertown, a suburb of Philadelphia…

…which you can’t see in the street view on Google Earth of the same park.

I was reminded of the concentric circles on the left of the Nouveau Cemetery in Lyon, France, earlier in this post, with the railroad tracks nearby, when I saw the concentric circles apparently beneath the surface of Hilltop Park on the right.

And as far as stadiums go, these are historic photos of Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois…

…looking very much like what is called classical Greco-Roman architecture and stadiums of ancient times…

…like the Circus Maximus in Ancient Rome.

This is Soldier Field today, with some of the original colonnaded architecture incorporated into the new stadium.

I could go on with more distractions, but I will go ahead and end here. There are so many distractions and interconnections between all of them!

In my next, and planned last, post of this series on “Following the Money and Influence,” I will be looking into the origins of companies and corporations.

Author: Michelle Gibson

I firmly believe there would be no mysteries in history if we had been told the true history. I intend to provide compelling evidence to support this. I have been fascinated by megaliths most of my life, and my journey has led me to uncovering the key to the truth. I found a star tetrahedron on the North American continent by connecting the dots of major cities, and extended the lines out. Then I wrote down the cities that lined lined up primarily in circular fashion, and got an amazing tour of the world of places I had never heard of with remarkable similarities across countries. This whole process, and other pieces of the puzzle that fell into place, brought up information that needs to be brought back into collective awareness.

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  1. For what it’s worth, I’ve long suspected that a lot of ball games are Native American in origin. There are accounts written by the invaders of people playing ball. There are also extant playing courts in México and Mesoamerica.


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